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Workshops + Mentorship Courses

Benefit from Angela's wealth of knowledge and lifetime of experiences with Spirit by attending one of her acclaimed workshops or mentorship courses.

Psychic Detective Workshop

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Angela’s unique and popular PSYCHIC DETECTIVE WORKSHOP has been highly acclaimed and invited to many countries to date. It gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the work and life of a real-life PSYCHIC DETECTIVE, exploring the role, the responsibilities, and level of energies involved. The course gives a true perspective of the sensory tools required and used in the combination of high tech police work and the paranormal powers of a psychic.



  • Discover how to work with special skills and partake in psychic exercises to help develop ones own psychic awareness in relation to such work.

  • Explore real life historic cases, personally known to Angela. Under her guidance, you will view photographs, clippings, and objects helping you to use your psychometry, clairvoyance, remote viewing, intuition, and mediumship skills - which will help you explore your own levels and standards of such specialist work.

  • Learn how to build a psychic profile.

  • Explore the code of conduct in working under such circumstances.

  • Explore and enhance your own abilities with each method of discovery, as it peels back layers of knowledge and energy involved.

  • View personal collection of spiritual artifacts only shown to attendees.

*This workshop is open to all levels of psychic awareness and to those interested in such subjects.


Below is a clip from the USA TV series Psychic Investigators where Angela helps to solve murder alongside Police Detectives:


''Psychic Detective Workshop is a very intense experience. You learn to trust in your intuition, to be more confident with your feelings, and to have a deep empathy with everybody you meet, both alive and in spirit! Angela is very professional, talented, and patient. It's wonderful to experience her sittings also and experience the way she connects to the realm of spirits. I recommend her seminars to everyone who wants to go overthe illusion of the reality!" - Francesca Tuzzi Treiste, Italy


"Fantastic Day with one of the best out there - Angela McGhee, Psychic Detective. Total respect for an amazing lady and even better in the flesh. Thanks so much." - Julie Ball, Liverpool


''I really enjoyed the day. I could listen to Angela for hours. Thanks a lot. Really interesting." - E.Wheatley, Cheltenham 


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Mentorship Course

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Here for YOU! Work one-on-one with Angela, one of the UK's leading experts in the supernatural and afterlife.


Private Tuition on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype/Zoom is available to help develop your Psychic + Mediumship skills.




  • Specifically tailored to your individual needs

  • Designed for beginner to advanced Psychics and Mediums

  • Covers all international times zones

  • 6 x sessions weekly or consecutively - booked to a mutual plan agreement 


Angela’s clients are usually kind, heart-centered individuals who are looking to have their recognised skills nurtured, explored, stretched, and enhanced in the wealth of knowledge of spirit and spirituality.


  • Maybe you’re someone who feels called to do the work, but lacks confidence.

  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure how to embrace the energies and work with them to the full extent.

  • Maybe you're thinking of working professionally with your gifts and would like help learning to work with clients and enhance the flow of energy and connection to your readings.


All things are possible with spirit but sometimes it’s having the right guidance that will bring an enhanced awakening. My mentorship will be able to meet YOUR individual needs, and our time together will be a mixture of practical and spiritual strategies. By exploring our foundations first, we can build on by looking within – all with the emphasis of moving you forward along your journey.


''Dear friends, I recently completed a six-week course of one-on-one mentoring with Angela McGhee. I have also had a personal reading with her and can attest to her iron clad connection to Spirit and capacity to hold energy for contact with Spirit for all those around her, particularly me in our one-on-ones. She is amazing! If you want to know more about Psychic/Mediumship or Crime Scene Psychics and want to increase your capacity to contact Spirit, please contact Angela. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Angela and I’m so happy to have met you."- Georgia Em, USA  


The mentorship course will be tailored to suit your needs.




*Book today* by calling +44(0)7789563169

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