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Meet Angela

International TV Medium and Author

Angela McGhee has been captivating audiences for a number of years now in the UK/Europe/USA. She connects with spirit with such ease and compassion, leaving audiences comforted by the sheer awe of her messages. In the last 30 years, she has served over 200 Spiritualist churches in the UK alone. Angela spent three years on the Afterlife Radio Show (USA), transmitting to several states 'live messages' each week to enchanted listeners. 


Her incredible journey began as a little girl. Her early recollections of 'visions' was during time spent in a Catholic convent at the age of just four years old. Despite opposition, she was led to uncover and expose the spirit world's communications as she grew in the knowledge of her Angels, Guides, and Faith, giving words of comfort to many people along the way, on a trail to self discovery. She learnt that the grief, trauma, and tragedy she had to endure helped develop her insights which gave her a unique connection to the Spiritual Realms.


With a unique style of Mediumship, an 'Evening With Angela' is guaranteed to be brimmed with messages of hope, love, and smiles. It is a rare opportunity to witness Angela's Gift, giving a unique insight to anyone interested in exploring the subject of Mediumship. Her compassionate nature and passion for the work she does shines through each message, leaving people feeling uplifted and comforted. 

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Appearances & Publications

It's no surprise that Angela is considered one of the most talented International Psychic Mediums in the UK. She has had numerous TV Guest appearances. Her clairvoyant abilities and natural empathy has also led her to work directly with police forces around the UK. Her work with murder and missing persons cases has led her to be called The Psychic Detective.


Angela is renowned for her spine chilling appearance in the worldwide documentary TV series, Psychic Investigator. The series aired on the Biography Channel USA, Channel 14 Canada, Living TV UK, Discovery Europe, ABC TV Australia , & RCTI Indonesia. Additionally, Angela has been featured on factual discussion programmes like The Big QuestionBeyond Belief, and Donal McIntyre, plus numerous BBC radio stations, media guest slots, and interviews.

Her abilities have been publicly acknowledged by both high-ranking Police Officers and the hierarchy of the Catholic church. Angela has been a columnist for a number of  magazines e.g. Chat It's Fate & True Crime.

Angela is also a Hay House Author of the award winning, best-selling book, Angela's Angels -The Psychic Detective. 

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