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The Stars

Angela's Books

Experience the full range of Angela's gifts in her intriguing, award-winning books. All titles are conveniently available on Amazon.

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Crime Scene Psychic

Evidence of the Aferlife

Angela McGhee is a highly respected Psychic Medium whose ‘visions’ have been publicly acclaimed by Chief Police Officers of the UK. Her ‘visions’ have become an investigative tool that can bring clues or new evidence to lines of inquiries. Angela has been brought into unsolved ‘cold’ cases when all traditional methods have been exhausted. Nothing really warrants the fact that she is called the ‘Psychic Detective’ other than the results her mind produces in such circumstances. The ‘visions’ produced have played a key part in the gathering of evidence. 

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Angela's Angels


This Award winning semi-autobiographical book reveals to the world even more fascinating encounters, added chapters of a supernatural world, where in - Angela McGhee is a remarkable gifted Psychic Medium who is able to receive and 'sense' incredible details of those who have died. Her 'gifts' through 'sight' and 'hearing' are such that she can offer information that other wise would of been lost.

"I could of never imagined growing up that my life and works would reach so many people across the world. To be told as a small child in dream state that I would write a book and tell the world about the spirit - that prophesy was dismissed so many times. It seemed so unreal. What I’ve learned and trust, is never say never to spirit. God has a plan for all of us regardless of how unimaginable it seems. Each day I am touched and honoured that I can in some way help to inspire, help to heal people's situations, give answers, and most of all, give hope to a better day. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my books. May you be blessed eternally."

-Angela McGhee

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