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Mediumship with Angela McGhee

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It is not a coincidence that you have found my page. All events in life have purpose and reason.

Stay connected and feel free to browse - you will find it's a place where I share my knowledge, teachings, and connections to the spirit world. I am an evidential Medium who proves beyond reasonable doubt that our loved ones live on, as love never dies, and that heaven is a real place. The afterlife really does exist. I have been connecting with the spiritual realms since a small child and have served the public for over 30 years, bringing messages of love, healing, comfort, and guidance.

My ‘Gifts’ of the spirit have been shared and demonstrated on many Media platforms across the world, on Television Channels, Theatre, Radio, and as a Hay House Author in the written works in my books. Police Detectives have even consulted the use of my 'Gifts' on numerous murder and missing persons cases. I’m now otherwise known as the ‘Psychic Detective’, a name stemming from a TV documentary about my abilities, which myself and the Police were involved in, uncovering facts on a real life murder case.

Whatever your spiritual need is, I am here to help. Your loved ones and Guides are only a whisper away.


Hope to see you in the near future. Angel Blessings.

With my love,

The Stars

With a unique style of Mediumship, an 'Evening with Angela' is guaranteed to be brimmed with messages of hope, love, & smiles.


A Trusted Psychic by All


"Absolutely spot on psychic."

- Paddy McGuinness, TV Presenter


"Angela McGhee should be available on prescription."

- Jules McCarthy, BBC Journalist


"A truly amazing lady..."

- Jacky Newcomb International Best-Selling Author


"If I ever found myself in the position of the victim's family, I certainly would go down a road to the 'olive branch of hope' that Angela was able to offer." 

- Ian Bamber, West Midlands Police


"So accurate. She’s spooky."

- Mark Wright, ITV Presenter


"She’s 'bleeping' scary man!"

- Ozzy Osbourne, Rock Superstar

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