The Afterlife Show

Angela had been a regular guest for three years each week on a U.S.A. based Radio show called The After Life Show with Host Shaun Valentine.This show was recorded via satalite from her home in England  and was transmitted by a number of different Radio stations across the U.S. A.   also transmitted globally via satalite/internet. This popular show had an audience of  millions as it is was aired six nights per week.

Each week you couldn hear Angela amazed callers as she amazes them with communication from loved ones from the other side, reuniting the two worlds..Live on Air. People had witnesed very  moving and  heart warming messages.
Angela is 'touched' and complimented by the fact that she and James van Praagh  who also guested, are together in the 'trailer' advertising the show..

This is what Radio Host Shaun Valentine had to say........quote

"I became a fan of Angela's when I saw her on the Psychic InvestigatorsTV show. I asked her to be a guest Medium on my Global Radio Show, The After Life'. She has been dazzling my listening  audience ever since. Angela's compassion for people shines through with each of her spirit communications....... We Love you Angela."

Shaun Valentine. The After Life Radio Show. U.S.A.

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