Soul Rescue's

Angela has  given service to many people, who have had negative experiences of spirit ,.Those lost and troubled 'souls' that some times cause us fear and disturbance  in our everyday lives. Whether it is emotional, physical or both. She has helped 'cleanse' peoples homes buildings and propertys of such troublesome 'souls',[spirit.]

With the added help of God,the Angels, her spirit guides and the 'Power of Prayer'  She has enabled souls to pass back to the realms of light  or the realms that they were destined to progress to,.with totally humbling and amazing  results. 

She has bought peace to those troubled souls at unrest and peace of mind to  her clients. Her work has been recognized by Clergy of the Catholic faith who in turn  has Blesssed her for the work she does. 

Angela's own ability was first disovered by an initial request for help, as she was urged to do so,  Realizing  the  power to heal such situations, It  has added a profound dimention to her work for 'spirit' 

This aspect  of her work  is  a vast subject  that she has gained expertise in, as she has  gained wonderous results. This subject will be documented in her next  book  that she  now  in the process of writing.It includes the help given on one of the greatestest cases  of  so called 'Poltergeist Activity' ever  witnessed and recorded.