See Angela starring in Psychic Investigators....

Psychic Investigators  World wide T.V. series.
Real life Detective thriller documentry series about actual crimes that are solved through the unlikely combination of  hi-tech Dectiective work and the paranormal power of a  Psychic.

Psychic Investigators presents the challange of explaining the inexplicable;for believers the confirmation of a mysterious world beyond observable fact.


Land lord and Pub owner Mick Hughes is brutally attacked in his living quarters above his bar, He bleeads  to death  and is found by employers 48 hours later. Psychic Angela Mcghee visits the scene of the crime and experiences strong  visions. She sees three men entering  Mick's quarters via the fire escape, the attack  and three  suspects fleeing the building. Mick's spirit also tells  Anglela that he knows one of his killers
Exiting the Pub Angela has a terifying feeling-- she knows the young man serving drinks behind the bar is involved in the brutal crime. The Police haven't gained enough evidence to make an arrest but  take a chance and visit Angela and they are shocked at her accuracy of her visions. When the Pub is burgled again Police get the break they've been waitng for and arrest the young man working behind the bar and his two friends..............