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5.0 out of 5 stars excellent read giving proof of life after death.16 May 2017
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This review is from: Crime Scene Psychic: Evidence of the Afterlife (Paperback)
Great read. This lady is very humble without ego which makes a change. Fascinating look about her life and its difficulties and how her psychic abilities developed. I was amazed at her story about how she worked with the police to help solve crimes. There areblots of stories about how her readings helped everyday people and gave them proof of life after death. I challenge you not to cry. This is a must buy.
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Angela McGhee is a highly respected Psychic Medium whose ‘visions’ have been publicly acclaimed by Chief Police Officers of the UK. Her ‘visions’ have become an investigative tool that can bring clues or new evidence to lines of inquiry's. Angela has been brought into unsolved ‘cold’ cases when all traditional methods have been exhausted. Nothing really warrants the fact that she is called the ‘Psychic Detective’ other than the results her mind produces in such circumstances. The ‘visions’ produced have played a key part in the gathering of evidence. Details of such events may otherwise been left unnoticed and as for the perpetrators of such crimes, amazingly, she has been able to build a detailed Profile of such individuals in question, noting such details as life story events and personality traits. Angela does not solve crimes as such, the Police do… Her ‘Gifts are considered a ‘key tool’ in the proceedings to gather clues, evidence and confirmation of lines of inquiries to say the least. Here she chronicles details of soul- wrenching accounts of her involvement in such cases and more importantly the life experiences which led her to the work she does today. Those crucial experiences that have helped to mold a unique pathway, to developing and understanding the ‘Psychic’ Gifts ‘which she was blessed to be born with. Her work is a real eye-opener for the most skeptical of people and for those who are seeking the knowledge of the Afterlife and its power to seek justice, help and understanding. This ‘evidential’ document undoubtedly makes Angela McGhee one of the world’s leading ‘Psychic Detectives’. Angela is renowned for her spine chilling appearance in the worldwide Classic US TV series ‘Psychic Investigators’. She is also a successful Author,Columnist and has guested on many programmes in the Media worldwide. She has successfully toured the UK and Europe, and also presents her unique ‘Psychic Detective’ workshops’ talks,seminars and ground-breaking Demonstrations of Mediumship.

" A woman who helps Police on Murder cases! You ALL KNOW how skeptical I am. BUT Angela is fascinating. She told all my production team things about their private lives which left me questioning my blatant disregard of people who claim to speak to spirits!" Nick Conrad, BBC Radio/TV Presenter

A very special Lady whose insights and visions I could not fail to recognize or justify" Detective Chief Inspector Bob Poole. West Midlands Police


















More than simply gifted, Angela McGhee uses her extraordinary psychic talents to help not just the loved ones of those who have crossed, but also the victims of brutal crimes – and the police to catch their killers. As the psychic detective, her mediumistic skills have proved invaluable.

Now, for the first time, she shares her incredible story. Full of moving and sometime disturbing accounts of communication with the spirit world, this book describes Angela’s work on bringing peace to souls that have left this world in violent or sudden ways.

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Thank you Angela
Angela's Angels in the most moving book I have ever read. It has been of great comfort to me. I cannot wait to read volume 2


A great read
An excellent read with some moving stories.
I was previously a sceptic, but Angela's experiencies have convinced me otherwise.
This was the first time that I have picked up a book and read it from start to the finish.


Angela's Angels
Darren (Staffordshire. UK) -  
An Amazing book offering enlightenment and hope to all those who have experienced trauma and tragedy in their lives


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