About Me

 Angela  McGhee is one of the most sought after and most talented Mediums in the U.K.

 Internationally she tops the polls in the USA for the 'most believable psychic'.  After her appearance  on Living Tv's  'Psychic  Investigator' series.
 Angela has astonnished Police with her help in solving murder cases.
 She amazed scientists and historians with her detailed knowledge of historic events.
 Angela is a columnist for the UKs leading spiritual magazine  'Chat its fate'and a successful author.

 Angela has now written an award winning book 'Angela's Angels'
 Scientists were amazed at her remote viewing (visions) that they witnessed on a radio show via satellite to America.
 As seen on BBC ITV, ITV 2, LivingTV, Channel4 and Local Radio, and has had regular guess slot on USA / UKradio.


A Psychic Medium and  VisIonary Blessed with a ‘gift’ from birth.
An extremely gifted psychic medium, who is able to visualize past, present and future events, as well as being able to communicate with those who have passed over to the realms of spirit.
It was only for the demands for the use of her 'gift' that  escalated.,she turned Professional as she began to realise it was her souls purpose  in life to do the work she does today

Angela's Angels Published by Hay house. An autobiographical account of her life and work, including her work of late, assisting Police forces on cases of murder with Amazing results, such cases are chronicled in her book.
The demands for her work relating to high profile murders, missing persons and crimes has increased. Her accuracy in solving several murder investigations has been phenomenal. Her most recent involvement  has been a Missing persons case. Where she  detailed where and when  a' body' would be found. Her 'gift' never ceases to amaze even herself.

Angela has a  a reputaion for bemusing the historians with her (Psychic) knowledge of past events, and also has challenged paranormal scientists as her findings were proven accurate. She has worked along side the "most haunted" Team.
Apart from her being a columnist for 'Chat its fate'magazine  She also had a regular slot on The  Afterlife radio show in the  U.S.A. which was being aired 6 nights a week across the U.S. for 3 years and has also presented her own radio show here in the UK for crea8 FM stoke and guests UK radio frequently.


Angela says.......

Sometimes 'ANGELS'  are in the faces of people that we meet. I have certainly met a few in my life for I have been communicating with the realms of 'spirit' for over forty years.
I was born in Liverpool, England of Irish Catholic descent and since early childhood I can recall playing with my so-called "imaginary" friends,  seeing apparitions and having visitations from my loved ones and other who had passed over to the realms of spirit.
For many years I was reluctant to admit any of my experiences due to the fact that there were to many issues in my life during my childhood that were making me feel different.

My gift would remain a hidden secret for many years because I, like any other child, wanted to be accepted but there came a time when I had to tell someone of my 'world'. Years later, my confidant was my local priest. He gave me the reassurance that I had been blessed with a true 'gift' from God.

My journey through life has been coloured with grief, trauma and tragedy to say the least but my faith in God 'the Divine Spirit' remained unfaltering. It was during these times that I was given the greatest evidence of the God  Energy Force and spirit world encounters. It was also a time when I became aware  of my 'Spirit  Guides'. My life has certainly been enriched with this knowledge. Many people have tended to put labels on myself and the 'Gift' but it's only purpose is for the benefit of other people, bringing them love, comfort, guidance, help and enlightenment.

I was destined to be led into the Spiritualist Movement working as a Medium. My work has taken me to many places in the United Kingdom and abroad and covers many aspects of spirituality and psychic phenomena. These have included Church Services, Private Sittings, Teaching, Workshops, Soul Rescues, Shows, Haunted Tours, Television and Radio Interviews, magazines and, ultimately, helping  Police on murder investigations,experiences of which are chronicled in my first book.as I am now an established author.with a planned triology to write.

People from all walks of life have been touched by my gift. My list of clientele looks like a melting-pot of many denominations and cultures.

When you are an instrument of the God Energy Force you are certainly kept busy. Recently featured on Living TV. BBC, ITV, ITV2, CHANNEL 4 and U.S.A./UK RADIO shows. My 'Angels' and myself look forward to meeting you.

May God, your Angels and your Inspirers bless you with the truth, the wisdom, and the light.

love and light  Angela x